Privacytopia is continually looking for interested artists, individuals and organizations to get involved in our vision. Contact us under

Local cultural partners (local theatres, museums, galleries, art spaces, collectives etc.), civil society organizations (universities, schools, other educative organizations, start-ups etc.), municipalities and public sector organizations. Every year, a pool of partners will be invited to present their own ideas on topics related to privacy, new technologies and the impact(s) of data processing on society. The cultural and local partners play a key role in designing the program of Privacytopia, bringing diverse views, methods, and artistic concepts to the festival.


We collaborate with artists and curators in multiple ways. The invited curator in Ghent 2024 is RĂ©gine Debatty, overlooking the thematic approaches and curated shows. We have an open call for artists. We encourage all artists – experienced or not in the subjects of datafication – to send proposals. Check the Open Calls page.

Workshops and Symposia

Privacytopia opens up the podium for timely discussions over a wide range of issues related to the festivals themes. We encourage individuals and local organizations (within and out of the artistic realm) that are interested in the topics to get involved with Privacytopia; to organize workshops | symposia in constructive partnerships. Contact us at


Have you already thought about your project week or the important themes for the 2023/2024 school year? Data use, surveillance, privacy… are on everyone’s lips, but how do we deal with them? What can we do together to encourage young people to think critically? Classes and school groups can enjoy customized visits that fit your curriculum. The Privacytopia organization works with those who address young people and children in their own language, with the aim of stimulating critical thinking. Contact us at

Become a Partner City

Each year, the festival will collaborate with a new EU city, presenting a brand-new program of exhibitions, theatre, music, design, talks and research related to data usage, privacy, surveillance. If you represent a city or are part of the cultural department and like the idea of Privacytopia visiting your region, you can submit a proposal to

Support Privacytopia

We are always welcoming further support, sponsors or expertise to make Privacytopia a valuable experience for everyone. Contact us at