First Edition: Autumn 2024




September 18, 2023


With anticipation and determination, we are delighted to announce new dates for the engaged arts festival Privacytopia. Originally set for March, we were obliged to move and are now aiming for the fall 2024. 

Ghent will continue to be the location. And so too will the festival’s dynamism and critical spirit.  We are determined to use this adjustment in our program as an opportunity to forge stronger links with the city’s many cultural realities. Our team is putting a lot of effort into making the Festival an influential beginning for our vision. 

We have started the first reviewing process of your applications and we will soon announce the second Open Call for applications.

The Curation Team is coming together in the end of September and we will communicate about their progress from mid of October onwards to keep you in the loop.

Additionally, we will send out newsletters with updates every month starting in October. You can subscribe here.