Concept and Idea

The privacy circus comes to town

Privacytopia is a NOMADIC arts festival, traveling to a new European city each year. It is a celebration of privacy, with a holistic view on the future we share with a digital world. Through the filter of the artist’s gaze, we research the sense and non-sense of the digital age. 

Data usage is handy, it’s all around us and it doesn’t go away. It helps many of us to find what they are looking for: friends, jobs, a location, an identity, transport, a hotel, porn… It is an extension of our brain, it helps us with keeping healthy or pay for coffee, cloths, or food. 

Looking critically at the rapidly evolving technology should be an automation and must be stimulated. It is sometimes difficult to understand what the potential dangers could be when it comes down to technology and digital applications. The growing curve of what we call the internet is steep and keeping up with this parallel world is a challenge. Each edition of the festival will be a fresh collaboration.

Current and upcoming projects

We will soon announce the details about the first edition of Privacytopia!