Painted by Numbers Installation – 2018


At the center of Painted by Numbers Installation are artists, scientists, and activists who provide different perspectives on new algorithmic realities: are algorithms truly rational or do we only perceive them as such? Do they lack transparency? Are algorithms already shaping our cognitive processes? Interview excerpts are arranged according to theme in six channels: Rationality, Prediction, Agency, Regulation, Politics, and Culture, and visible on six different screens. The interviewees’ statements are not shown in a linear way, but create an open structure. This way, each viewer can choose an individual path in a cloud of overlaying audio and in a space of intersecting visual inputs. Realized by Konrad Becker and Felix Stalder, World-Information Institute with support by Privacy Salon within the context of the 11th International Conference Computers, Privacy & Data Protection: The Internet of Bodies.
Photos by Sam Wodinski