Privacytopia Binary – 2017


The Search Machine by The Museum presents a series of diptychs of images that circulate online. Vernacular images produced by anonymous performers and images of historicised contemporary art works. In this installed fabel, online depictions of contemporary art works are found algorithmically through formal analogies when introducing images of anonymous performances in a fictional search machine operative in the most comprehensive of all museums. Next to the Search Machine, the exhibition presents two projects by Addie Wagenknect in collaboration with Pablo Garcia. In Webcam Venus, sexcam performers replicate iconic works of art. This is an experimental homage to both fine arts and the lowbrow internet phenomenon of cams. Webcams and chat interfaces were used to connect amateur adult performers with an audience. brbxoxo cuts these performers out of the picture entirely, focusing instead on the small boxes which contain their lives: empty beds, home offices full of family photos, chairs draped in fabric, and all kinds of bleak carpeted interiors.
Organised by Privacy Salon and Bogomir Doringer in partnership with CPDP2017 and De Markten.