The Alchemists

Artists involved

One of the personas or characters will reflect on the datafication and technological enhancement of the body. We call that character The Alchemist. Just like the alchemists of the past attempted to purify, sublime and perfect certain materials, the modern Alchemist tries to upgrade and enhance their body. That character is fascinated by tranhumanism and is enthusiastic about body “optimisation”, designer babies, wearable self-tracking tools, genetic tests to know more about their ancestry, etc.

The Alchemist is fully on board with the most intimate forms of datafication of their body parts and functions. The Alchemist gazes with confidence into the future. Where we see ethical issues and a need for caution, they see improved wellbeing, self- control, longevity and “progress.” They look forward to the new frontiers that science and technologies are quietly conquering: our sleep, our cognitive activity, our genetic material, etc.

How will AI, off the shelves DNA extraction kits, CRISPR technology, brain implants and other innovations from neurotechnology reshape our understanding of what being human means?