The Extinctionists

Artists involved

TEOTWAWKI! The End of The World As We Know It! The Extinctionists agonise over the future of humanity. They see the Apocalypse coming from all sides. The relentless warming of our atmosphere of course but also the fall of a massive meteorite on earth, a pandemic, hostile extraterrestrial life, etc. Technology is a particularly rich purveyor of doomsday prophecies. a vicious episode of cyber warfare, a robot mutiny, a stubborn artificial intelligence…. AI has long been described as an existential risk
in fiction and today, for some people, that threat is slowly becoming a reality. whether they are right or not doesn’t matter. The Extinctionist looks at the kind of deep, rational or irrational fear we have when we think about anything beyond our control.

Can you buy or engineer your way out of major chaos and catastrophe?