Privacytopia Festival

Ghent, Belgium 2024

Coming soon: autumn of 2024 

Privacytopia is a new nomadic arts festival that explores the implications of datafication on individuals and society through themes such as privacy, surveillance, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cyborgs, robotics, security and more 

These topics are raising widespread attention and concerns as they increasingly impact our everyday lives. But how do we approach such complex concepts critically? How do we envision the futures of our societies with these new technological tools? What are the opportunities and what are the challenges? 

Join us in the autumn of 2024 at Privacytopia for a multitude of art exhibitions, symposia, workshops, performances and more. 

The first edition will take place in Ghent. The festival will the travel each year to a different European city. 

Privacytopia is an initiative by Privacy Salon, a Belgian non-profit organisation affiliated with the Free University of Brussels (VUB). 

Open Calls

Artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines are invited to submit their work for Privacytopia Festival.
Check here the latest status.

Current status

Get Involved

Privacytopia needs you! As a collaborative, nomadic arts festival we are constantly looking to forge new allyships and partnerships.

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Introducing the Curator of Privacytopia 2024

Introducing the Curator of Privacytopia 2024

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Privacytopia edition 1: Work in Progress

Privacytopia edition 1: Work in Progress

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